Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leading instead of commanding! a Franz Lopez Special.

How can we say that a person is a leader? is it when he/she tells us what to do or what not do? or when he/she dictates our roles and functions? limitations? or if he/she won an election? are those the answers to the question posted earlier?

Someone told me that a leader should not only lead. He or she should be able to inspire others, motivate them, and make them feel good regardless of their status, position or role in a group or community.
Lately, when we say leader, we always associate it with power and authority. or when one takes that role, whether legitimate or not, acts like he or she has power over everyone. restricts actions of those around him/her and make everyone understand that he/she holds that position. in effect, leaders get distanced with their peers, subordinates and everyone else around them. Sure, they know that he/she is the boss, but does he/she command their respect? their trust? or Loyalty?

3 weeks ago, i joined a community of photo,video and graphics enthusiasts. ME, being a newbie at photography did not hesitate in filling out a simple browser form, join daily conferences and from time to time events and photowalks/shoots. what amused me in this community, is that they are more of a barkada, family rather than being a laddered/rigid type of organization with a preposterous chain of command and hierarchy. Don't get me wrong, i believe in an organized organization, i believe in having a set of officers and admins. but what makes Helios Project International a group that stands out from the sea of communities is that they dont treat each other only as org/community mates. they act as the support group, a friend, a mentor, and a second home to everyone that is part of it.

but what really inspired me to create this post is their leader, their head admin and founder: Franz Lopez. based on what i've seen and heard within the group, i can only conclude that franz doesn't actually think that he is the leader of this community composed of 250+ local and international photographers, videographers and graphic artists. he acts like he is everyones equal and doesn't abuse  the position that he has (who also does not hassle his fellow admin with rigid requirements, and formalities for any events or plans that they would have). As a leader, his words are binding when needed, but he never concludes or decides without hearing opinions of others (whether they be admin or not). A mark of a true leader and an excellent person.

Happy 23rd Birthday Duke Francis.
We at Helios Project International thank you for your perseverance to make the group better than it is today. Have a great one Buddy!

Francis Lopez - as we smudged cake icing/frostings on his face, and sprinkle his hair with pasta and basil. (now ask yourselves, can you actually do this to your leaders?)


  1. Nice! Tagal mo hindi nagblog huh. :)

  2. @Paul honga e. break from blog, pero ngayon sunod sunod na ako! haha watch out for my two other features. :D

    @Jaypee Iba talaga si Frenk no? inspiring! haha

  3. Belated Sir Francis. HAHAH :)

  4. astig.. haha.. Happy Birthday to your Leader...

  5. happy birthday nrin sa kanya, God bless!

  6. @iamsupermish mish? haha obvious answer ba?
    @xander haha thanks, ipararating ko!
    @keaton will extend your greeting. thanks! :D