Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Blog: Behind the thick framed glasses : Food and Travel

hey all. i have created a new blog focusing more on food and travel. hope ya'll could follow it too. see you there :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Career Success : the 48 Cs Blog Exclusive Seminar

By being at the helm of our book distribution project, i hosted an event exclusively for bloggers last july 2, 2011.

19 days later (today), i decided to publish the entry i had for said event. (to coincide with our Book Release and Availability in all Fully Booked Stores in Metro Manila)

7.2.11 - Two Weeks ago, my boss called me to our war room, a small room dedicated to our planning and plotting of world domination! projects and strategies for Achievers' Circle Inc. The idea was great, Ed Pilapil Jr and myself are bloggers, that is why we believe in the power of this latest event/project that we concocted. We decided to hold an event exclusively for bloggers, a mini career seminar, for free. 

photo courtesy of Franz Lopez

The Book "Career Success : The 48 Cs" was created for the benefit of those struggling to make sense of their careers, those lost and stuck in a void, and to those starting out their career and does not know where to start. I managed to invite a handful of bloggers that agreed to attend an early morning saturday event, and listen to a seminar that will most likely change their perspective on jobs, careers and the right attitude. (deep inside, i was happy that i was the catalyst for their endless thinking and consideration of a different career path or the living of their passions).

We started the event at 10:30, a handful of bloggers came in early and got the chance to meet fellow bloggers, exchange links and talk about their experiences in and out of the blogosphere. i too, took this chance to learn more about the attendees. i discovered their everyday work, their passions and even the reasons why they keep a blog. :)

Ed, the Speaker, gave another 9 minutes for everyone to get to know one another, to break the ice, and discover the reasons why everyone do what they do. surprisingly enough, the attendees focused more on what they want to do in life rather than what they actually are doing at the moment. (this raises my fulfillment, as the attendees realizes that this seminar is really for them). 

at the end of the actual talk, we did a number of photo ops. did a little book signing session and they had the opportunity to speak to the author for a while, ask questions that they did not dare ask during the open forum, and exchange stories once again with one another. 

the speaker was right! In seminars, one must make sure to remember that it is not only important to know a fellow attendee, and ensure that they too know you! we got to make sure that they remember us. ("who you know, who knows you, and who remembers you" - Ed Pilapil Jr).

I truly am grateful to everyone that attended the seminar. Just as you guys told me that you have learned a lot from us. We certainly did learn a lot from you guys as well. Because, every experience, whether good or bad, is always accompanied by lessons. And in our case, the lessons learnt are worth keeping!

Top Row: Patchie Cordero, Jaypee DavidCedric LeeDarrel BaetFranz LopezAxl Guinto, Conrad Atega,

And did i mention that the book is out in all FullyBooked Stores? hahaha soon in all National Bookstores! for updates, Like us on Facebook : Achievers' Circle Inc. and Career Success : 48 Cs . :) 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

for Father.

Nearly a month ago, i had nightmares and fears that this day would be sadder and emptier. i feared that i wouldn't be able to exchange book discussions, movie criticisms or converse about anything under the great blue sky with my dad anymore. i always feared the worst, and good thing it wasn't realized.

My father, ensured my future. he worked his bum off abroad to secure what i am today, he selflessly worked from 8-5 and then worked as a father to ensure quality time with me, mom and my brother. i am not a very expressive person, heck, my mom was just telling me earlier to greet dad "happy fathers day" personally earlier, but what i cant say verbally, i try to put into writing and words (but ill still try to greet him later on). i know that a simple greeting will never compensate that which he has endured for all of us. that is why i rather write everything here (and publish this in his FB page later! haha). 

so dad, thanks for everything. thanks for the times when you physically manifested despite work to watch or support me during contests in school. when you spent countless of riyals (oman currency) for me to learn tennis and piano. thanks for the times when you gave extra allowances knowing that i never save and am always in the hunt for more cash. thank you for the things that you bought for me, even if it is impractical and not that important, but despite my insistence and disgusting perseverance you and ma gave in. thank you for giving me a good life and now, making me feel very lucky and special compared to others. thank you for ensuring me with quality education despite me getting low scores and even failing some subjects. thank you for the vote of confidence and the belief that i can be someone great in the coming years. thank you for all the advices that you gave to bring me back to reality when i am floating in fantasy. 

Thank you for being you, the person who works as an office manager for the heck of it, but is successful in his career as a Father.  even if i dont say it as often as everyday, you know that i love you and am super proud to have you as the perfect role model, and the father that one could ever wish to have.

Dad, being my training wheels and support even in the simplest things

Happy Fathers Day - Federico Romero , i love you!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Dream of a Better Tomorrow - Independence Day Special

3 minutes before today(june 12), my phone went crazy with all the Independence Day greetings that family and friends sent via text. i guess filipino pride is a force to reckon with. 

i am not a hardcore nationalistic citizen. I guess that is the downside of growing up abroad. but i do understand and know what it is to be Filipino, and the many sacrifices that happened just to secure the essence of the word. 

Jacinto, "Gomburza" and Rizal are some of the many filipinos who sacrificed their lives to ensure our future.  They were some of the many who thought about the future rather than their own well being. They are the Heroes whom we grew up with, springing to life while reading our "Sibika" and "Hekasi" Texts.

[A monument erected to commemorate the Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor ]
  [Libingan ng Bayani, Taguig City]

A Lot of filipinos and filipinas risked their lives for all of us today. The unsung warriors of Lapu Lapu, The Brave Katipuneros of Bonifacio, and even the foot soldiers and privates during the American and Japanese occupation. When i think of independence, i think of death. i think of all the struggles our nation had to go through to get where it is today. i remember the sacrifices of many nationalistic people to fight for their ideals and their right as filipinos.

it saddens me that sometimes we forget those who died for us. we forget the reason why they fought and tried to repel those who want our lands. we forget why they paid the ultimate price. today, everyone is concerned with conflicts arising from greed, corruption and negligence of the duties that are given to them. today, everyone is focused more on personal growth and wealth rather than continuing the advocacy of those who died for a better Philippines.

[ Tombstones of the many American and Filipino Soldiers during the war ]
[Fil-Am Friendship Cemetery. Clark, Pampanga]

I do hope that this renewal of Filipino Pride today will end all internal conflicts, end all of the corruption that weakens our country, and start anew as a reformed nation - better and stronger. 

I am Proud to be a Filipino. and i say all these today, because i too, even in my own little way, dream of a better and more successful Philippines.

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In focus : Life on the streets

I remembered complaining to my mom when i was in high school regarding  my room conditions. i never liked the idea of sharing a room with my brother, so i kept bugging her to look for a place that can allow me to have a room of my own. (spoiled brat, i know). With the entire annoyance and bratty attitude, they finally gave in. we transfered to a house that is twice the size of our last one, and has an extra room entirely for me. the attitude and greed did not stop there, (if i were to go on, the story would take about 30-40 mins of your time - wouldn't that be fun? haha)

last june 4, me and some close friends went to Binondo to conduct a Handicapped Photoshoot. the objective there is that, we take photos but we are not allowed to take a peek at our shots. at first i was really excited to be part of this small exercise, as such would help improve my skills in taking quality photos. the excitement soon waned when i saw the subjects for the shoot. (honestly, i felt my heart pause - for a second or two)

i always knew of the poverty that many filipinos face. but this is the first time that i have actually been this close to those who have nothing. nothing to eat, nothing to sleep in and nothing to do but remain static for the entire day with the hopes that someone might give them alms or food in order for them to get by for the day.

these three images will forever be etched in my brain. that shoot not only taught me how to tinker with my camera settings and take photos. it also made me realize how extremely lucky i am. So i told myself, the next time you rant about your fettucini alfredo or your salmon en croute, take that time to think that this people can't even have a friggin sky flake to nibble on. then i remembered my "Room Story", wherein i complain about sharing a room with my brother, when these people share a public plaza.

just be thankful with what you have.  i sure am now!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

System Failure.

So this is how it feels to have a virus corrupt your system and your anti viruses acts so damn slow to the point that everything maybe at risk. 

So this is how it feels to be bed ridden for three straight whole days with nothing to do because one slight movement can cause your vision to swirl upside down. and every sound can cause you to hurl everything that your silos contain.

So this is how it feels to be very sick.

Never again shall i endure the rain just to get to a certain point!

thank you tennis racket for keeping me company. haha (parang bata lang o)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Leading instead of commanding! a Franz Lopez Special.

How can we say that a person is a leader? is it when he/she tells us what to do or what not do? or when he/she dictates our roles and functions? limitations? or if he/she won an election? are those the answers to the question posted earlier?

Someone told me that a leader should not only lead. He or she should be able to inspire others, motivate them, and make them feel good regardless of their status, position or role in a group or community.
Lately, when we say leader, we always associate it with power and authority. or when one takes that role, whether legitimate or not, acts like he or she has power over everyone. restricts actions of those around him/her and make everyone understand that he/she holds that position. in effect, leaders get distanced with their peers, subordinates and everyone else around them. Sure, they know that he/she is the boss, but does he/she command their respect? their trust? or Loyalty?

3 weeks ago, i joined a community of photo,video and graphics enthusiasts. ME, being a newbie at photography did not hesitate in filling out a simple browser form, join daily conferences and from time to time events and photowalks/shoots. what amused me in this community, is that they are more of a barkada, family rather than being a laddered/rigid type of organization with a preposterous chain of command and hierarchy. Don't get me wrong, i believe in an organized organization, i believe in having a set of officers and admins. but what makes Helios Project International a group that stands out from the sea of communities is that they dont treat each other only as org/community mates. they act as the support group, a friend, a mentor, and a second home to everyone that is part of it.

but what really inspired me to create this post is their leader, their head admin and founder: Franz Lopez. based on what i've seen and heard within the group, i can only conclude that franz doesn't actually think that he is the leader of this community composed of 250+ local and international photographers, videographers and graphic artists. he acts like he is everyones equal and doesn't abuse  the position that he has (who also does not hassle his fellow admin with rigid requirements, and formalities for any events or plans that they would have). As a leader, his words are binding when needed, but he never concludes or decides without hearing opinions of others (whether they be admin or not). A mark of a true leader and an excellent person.

Happy 23rd Birthday Duke Francis.
We at Helios Project International thank you for your perseverance to make the group better than it is today. Have a great one Buddy!

Francis Lopez - as we smudged cake icing/frostings on his face, and sprinkle his hair with pasta and basil. (now ask yourselves, can you actually do this to your leaders?)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 6 - - during this day, 24 years ago......

i was born. today is my 24th birthday! (batiin niyo naman ako!).

during days like these, my materialistic self takes over. To the point that i would create a list, which i like to call "FC's 2010 wish list". the list would contain the wants and needs of FC! but this year, i planned to keep the list short.

FC's 2011 wish list
1. Dad's Successful Operation
2. Dad's Speedy Recovery
3. Shoes (haha ahem mom, ahem!)

Anyways, i've spent the better part of the day in front of the Operating Room in San Jaun De Dios. Dad underwent his operation at around 8AM, the anxiety was killing me. i felt no hunger, i didnt feel tired, i felt nothing. for 6 hours, i was stoic. At around 1:40-2:00PM - my Dad was released. the Doc said that everything is going to be alright, that my dad is out of harms way. He then was taken to ICU for precautionary purposes (doctors words!). but safe to say, everything is back to normal for us.

the best part is that, the first item on my "wish list" was already given a day before. thank you lord!

FC's 2011 wish list
1. Dad's Successful Operation 
2. Dad's Speedy Recovery (ongoing)
3. Shoes (haha ahem mom, ahem!) - (under discussion, haha)

(MAY 6, 2011)
P.S. a Big Thank You to all my friends, followers, family members who prayed and showed their support during this very hard time.  you guys are the best!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Labor Rally, And Quiapo (My Family's Prayer)

Yesterday, my dad and i were trying to figure out what route to take for our supposed trip to Quiapo today. normally, the drive shouldn't be that hard and the roads should have been quite empty (considering its a sunday!). but today was different, aside from the massive prayer congregation because of Pope John Paul's beatification, it also happened to be the one day wherein labor unions take to the streets, wave their hand made flags and signs and request/demand for better compensation for their hard work.

But despite this event that eventually created heavy traffic in the area, we persisted on our quest to reach the church. My dad, Rico, has been a devout follower of the Nazareth. he kept telling me and my brother stories of his adventures when he was young, his stories regarding his devotion to quiapo and the church's patron.

About two Days ago, we received news that we never expected. we got news that my dad is sick and would need to be operated immediately. But we believe in the power of prayer, in the power of what we believe in, and it is fitting that we go to Quiapo, my dads most loved sanctuary for his faith and religion, to ask for God's help.

Tomorrow will be the start of the actual test for us, and all we have to do is believe and be strong. i know that we would survive this, just like all those that came before it. 

I believe in both of you. God and Dad, i know that this too shall pass, and we shall look back at it with humility and would have learned from everything that has happened. all we have to do is trust and Believe!

For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord. (Jeremiah 30:17)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My HD expedition turned Journey to Asgard.

being the tech-savvy person that i am (haha), i recently discovered a way to save the HD of my old laptop. it is done by retrieving the internal hard disk and putting it in a device called "the HD enclosure". i've been told that it has been the practice for a long time now, and today i finally knew and decided to convert this stagnant piece of machinery into an external HD. (so thats what the "Enclosure" does .. sounds awfully like a weapon!)

anyways,  i forced myself to leave the confines of the room and go to SM to buy this enclosure. my expedition was futile as all computer/hardware shops in sm told me that they have no stock. time  and effort wasted!

rather than going home, and since i am dying to watch Marvel Comic's THOR.

I did. my cousin tagged along, and we both watched the film. it had the feeling of the comic book thor while keeping true to their descriptions and characteristics in norse mythology (im a myth fan! and wikipedia fan as well!). the movie gave viewers such as my cousin a feel of norse myth and built a curiosity for the comic series. the story was great and wasn't "pilit". for a long period of time, i have avoided watching movies in cinemas because they tend to be disappointing, but thor has changed that  current view. 2011 is marvel's year. i hope they deliver all their movies the same way they did Thor!

(i am now itching to create a norse myth post for the week... one god a day haha)

March - April Photo dump and thoughts

since i was negligent to post (while i was supposed to) during the early parts of april (and latter days of march). i decided to just post some photos that made my late march and early april memorable. thus, this is the life as seen through the thick framed glasses.

3/28/11 - Achievers' Circle Incorporated Visited Capones Villas in Zambales to be part of the Teambuilding of Swell Bar and Cafe. we were excited and happy to be part of this event. and still is very much happy to be part of swell! (Thanks to Rudyard "Steve" Balmedilla for the photo.) 

3/31/11 - Happy 40+ Birthday R.Yang Celebration. Catalytyx, our sister company celebrated the birthday of R.Yang (their boss, and one of our company's director). kiddie party (had i known sooner, i would have dressed up as robin!) 



4/17/11 - Palm Sunday (Glimpse) and Grad of my Brother at UP - since the graduates were required to be in filipiniana. the family decided to go there by following the theme as well.  we were extremely overdressed, other families came to the occasion weraing tees, poloshirts, and maong. 

while going through my collection of photos here in my HD. i realized that everything was about family . good times!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to Basic

Filipinos love the english language. Have you ever encountered some people talking in english inside elevators, or in jeeps, buses, or while strolling the mall. what are your reactions?

aside from that,  i've only seen a handful of blogs who use the filipino language as their medium (good for them!)

But one problem with our supposed love for the language is the refusal to relearn it over and over again. a month ago, i thought my english was flawless, i remembered receiving high marks for english during my college days, being praised here and there for communicating in fluent english, i even won a couple of declamation/oration and speech contests way back in highschool. Up until a month ago, i was certain that english is my primary language, seconded by filipino. 

Three Weeks ago, my boss pointed out that i still lack in a specific area when it comes to the language. at first, it was disbelief, then disappointment, then after hearing his explanation, there was acceptance. Possibly one of the few reasons why i am faithful to post in this blog is to improve my mastery of the language. but one thing that actually helped and is continuing to help is this book:

To be honest, i never even knew that this book existed.

Going through its contents and exercises (yes, i answer them! refer to 2nd photo.), i relearned some of the basic rules that was taught to me years ago when i was in grade 1 or 2. im currently on the 3rd book and honestly speaking, i am seeing results. 

this book costs about 215 pesos. if you think about it, it is such a cheap acquisition and a cheap investment. because by relearning and mastering the language, we will now have an edge compared to those who still lack in their language skills.

 Its a competitive world out there, we need all the help we can get!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i spent the day in a hospital. listening to a lecture!

I attended the People Mangement Association of the Philippines GMM (PMAP-GMM) in St. Luke Fort. its theme and topics for discussion were Wellness and Corporate Image. (beneficial, i know!)

the presentation started with a presentation by kraft - showcasing their world class office. Imagine being part of their team and working in an office where there are gyms, spas, dentists, lots of greenery and zen gardens. wouldn't that be the life? the speaker guaranteed less boredom and a lot of activities for all employess - he ended the speech by saying "kudos to all hr and personnel that deals with people management for taking care of the company's most important asset."Thats you and me, my friend!

Lunch was served at around 2:00PM (supposedly the end of the conference). but the anticipation of the  participants was calmed by the very dynamic presentation delivered by Abbygale Areneas-de Leon,  a former Bb. Pilipinas winner, and 11th in Ms. Universe pageant. She taught the audience how to project the "Corporate Image". here are some tips that i still remember.

1. SMILE -  rather than saying cheese (like old times), try saying "A" or "8" (her words, not mine!) - she also gave us an assignment, she urged us to try saying A or 8 and sustain it for about 2 minutes everyday, after waking up and before going to bed. (try it, in private though! - again, her words, not mine.)

2. Posture - she said that there is a big difference on how people look at other people when posture is involved. proper posture commands respect. (so pag binastos kayo, posture niyo problema!)

3. Attire - dress appropriately - keep it simple, keep it clean.

4. Mannerisms - lose the playing with your hair, the unbuttoning and buttoning of your shirt, the twitching of your legs, the tapping of you foot/feet (in short, be a robot!)

she urged us to try and follow her tips for a better corporate image.
abbygale also said that by changing or improving corporate image, we get the edge in terms of promotions, projects that we may want or how we may be perceived in the workplace.

keeping those benefits in mind, following her tips might prove useful ( why dont we try it. nothing to lose anyways!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

after a days work.. i reward myself with Isaw!

after work, i found myself in the front doors of the gym i usually go to. spent an hour or two trying to lose some holiday accumulated weight. right after, i developed a serious craving for isaw (there goes my hour or two!)

i asked myself, at this time of the day, where would i find isaw? (i was at fort bonifacio by the way, so finding isaw there could be a challenge.) i sat in my car, thinking of possible locations of isaw vendors. and then it hit me! i texted my friend Nd, and told her to meet me at ruins in BF Homes. (well in the end, i picked her up from her place pa!). to be honest, i never liked isaw before. it grossed me out! but times have changed!

i, along with me friend ND (whos is said to be depressed) found ourselves in front of Genie's booth/Kiosk/Stall in BF Ruins. although it says Shawarma Station, its main seller are its ISAW.
a l bite of heaven for 10 peso a stick! (not bad). of course, isaw is generally bbq'd (i think) but genies offer a fried isaw that is better than the bbq.(from my point of view)

Barbecued Isaw (or grilled) in toyo+suka+onions+chili+calamansi


 Fried Isaw in toyo+suka+onions+siling labuyo+green chili+calamansi



till the next craving! thank you Genie's!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Career Success

If i ask you for the definition of a career, what answer would you give me?

then if i followed it up with a question asking you its difference from a job? or work? what would you say?

most of us treat the two or three words synonymous to each other, we view the concepts as same and plainly interchangeable. guess what my friends, They are not.

4 months ago, i would have said that career and job is the same. back then, i would have answered the question in this manner: career is the field your working in, and work is the process. but by reading materials and learning first hand from my boss, i learned the difference.

the book Career Success: the 48 Cs is one of the essential materials that helped me understand what it will take for me to be successful in my career and in life. and since it is still not in the market, i have asked permission from the author to share to you, my friends, a sample of the book. but of course, reading it entirely would prove helpful for those who are lost in their tracks, as well as for those who plan to be part of the corporate industry, and to those who are still in school, but are looking forward to their working life!

to download the file, visit and download the file (3.10Mb in size). and discover how these Cs can help you in your selected fields!

Monday, April 25, 2011

everything Geek!

hey guys, since i am a comic fan, a hardcore gamer and a very serious-"maarte" type of movie watcher.

 im creating another blog to put all my comic reviews, game reviews and updates, as well as movie reviews, rants and reactions.

be sure to follow it too. thanks

p.s. i started with a green lantern post , in anticipation of the upcoming movie!

Since Potter Season is near.

HP7 part two is upon us. and the activities has now been announced.

lets do a recap on the activities PHP (Pinoy Harry Potter) did for the 1st part of movie 7!

Francis and the Gryffindors (Market Market, Advanced Screening)

Pose for the Paper (IMAX, Sm Mall of Asia - Exclusive Advanced Screening)
(left - right . - RJ (Gryff), Francis(Me- SLYTH!), Robin (Slyth), Edsel (Huff) and Echo (Gryff)

Posing for the TV show that slipped my mind! hahahaha (SM MALL of Asia - IMAX Exclusive Advance screening)

Slytherins at Newport Cinema ( PHP Exclusive Early Morning Screening)

Me and Jovan inside Newports excellent cinema

the Slytherin Poster (Newport Cinema)

Powerbooks Promotional Event (the Tale of the three brothers)

PHP Class Picture (2010 - Powerbooks Greenbelt)

want to be part of PHP : Visit
game on! june! 1st event!

Death and Life ( a post easter blog )

Before the Holy Week. my boss gave patchie (my officemate) and myself a short lecture/session/education on the difference of religion and faith. frankly speaking, i learned a lot during that 20-30 min lecture compared to every catechism that i've been to. and just like any lecture, an assignment came after. and it is "to get attuned with your faith".

the whole week was about sinakulo, prusesyons and penitensya.

he stopped in front of our place to be watered.

we were awaken by the sounds of kwitis (did i spell that right?) exploding in the sky, announcing to the entire place that the march of christ has started. the jesus actor, who carried a wooden cross while being tortured by belts, slippers and other hitting items endured his way through people watching, some actually jeering, and others taking photos of his sacrifice ( including myself).

i asked some people why they do it, was it for entertainment? for the forgiveness of sins?
and they said, because its tradition.

and they continue their march. i didn't have the courage to actually watch the crucifixion.

maybe because i thought it was the real thing, or maybe felt that it was the real thing. maybe by watching what may have transpired years ago, we get to be aware of what was done for all of us years ago.


Iglesia filipina hosted its annual prusesyon(again, not sure with the spelling). my mom, urged us to come with them and celebrate the resurrection. me, my brother, my cousin, dad and the son of my cousin went. compared to the trudging we did last year, this year's prusesyon was rather fun. the people were actually having fun compared to last year's very sad 3 hour walkathon.

in front of the church

the priest and the marching band

the people who danced their way through the prusesyon

and our party, my cousin (in blue), my brother (the head in betwen my cousin and me), myself, and dad.

all in all, this felt different. probably because of what i've heard and learned from ed, what i read from john, and from what i saw with people and their faith.

in the end, faith is what people believe in, whether it be the rigid type of worship or the plain and simple one. whether we express it in different ways, what matters in the end is that we have it.

belated happy easter to everyone. lets have a fruitful new birth of christ year.