Thursday, July 21, 2011

Career Success : the 48 Cs Blog Exclusive Seminar

By being at the helm of our book distribution project, i hosted an event exclusively for bloggers last july 2, 2011.

19 days later (today), i decided to publish the entry i had for said event. (to coincide with our Book Release and Availability in all Fully Booked Stores in Metro Manila)

7.2.11 - Two Weeks ago, my boss called me to our war room, a small room dedicated to our planning and plotting of world domination! projects and strategies for Achievers' Circle Inc. The idea was great, Ed Pilapil Jr and myself are bloggers, that is why we believe in the power of this latest event/project that we concocted. We decided to hold an event exclusively for bloggers, a mini career seminar, for free. 

photo courtesy of Franz Lopez

The Book "Career Success : The 48 Cs" was created for the benefit of those struggling to make sense of their careers, those lost and stuck in a void, and to those starting out their career and does not know where to start. I managed to invite a handful of bloggers that agreed to attend an early morning saturday event, and listen to a seminar that will most likely change their perspective on jobs, careers and the right attitude. (deep inside, i was happy that i was the catalyst for their endless thinking and consideration of a different career path or the living of their passions).

We started the event at 10:30, a handful of bloggers came in early and got the chance to meet fellow bloggers, exchange links and talk about their experiences in and out of the blogosphere. i too, took this chance to learn more about the attendees. i discovered their everyday work, their passions and even the reasons why they keep a blog. :)

Ed, the Speaker, gave another 9 minutes for everyone to get to know one another, to break the ice, and discover the reasons why everyone do what they do. surprisingly enough, the attendees focused more on what they want to do in life rather than what they actually are doing at the moment. (this raises my fulfillment, as the attendees realizes that this seminar is really for them). 

at the end of the actual talk, we did a number of photo ops. did a little book signing session and they had the opportunity to speak to the author for a while, ask questions that they did not dare ask during the open forum, and exchange stories once again with one another. 

the speaker was right! In seminars, one must make sure to remember that it is not only important to know a fellow attendee, and ensure that they too know you! we got to make sure that they remember us. ("who you know, who knows you, and who remembers you" - Ed Pilapil Jr).

I truly am grateful to everyone that attended the seminar. Just as you guys told me that you have learned a lot from us. We certainly did learn a lot from you guys as well. Because, every experience, whether good or bad, is always accompanied by lessons. And in our case, the lessons learnt are worth keeping!

Top Row: Patchie Cordero, Jaypee DavidCedric LeeDarrel BaetFranz LopezAxl Guinto, Conrad Atega,

And did i mention that the book is out in all FullyBooked Stores? hahaha soon in all National Bookstores! for updates, Like us on Facebook : Achievers' Circle Inc. and Career Success : 48 Cs . :) 


  1. ooohlala! :D im still reading the book! thanks kay FC and kay Ed! :P

  2. thanks jaypee for attending. haha :)