Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Dream of a Better Tomorrow - Independence Day Special

3 minutes before today(june 12), my phone went crazy with all the Independence Day greetings that family and friends sent via text. i guess filipino pride is a force to reckon with. 

i am not a hardcore nationalistic citizen. I guess that is the downside of growing up abroad. but i do understand and know what it is to be Filipino, and the many sacrifices that happened just to secure the essence of the word. 

Jacinto, "Gomburza" and Rizal are some of the many filipinos who sacrificed their lives to ensure our future.  They were some of the many who thought about the future rather than their own well being. They are the Heroes whom we grew up with, springing to life while reading our "Sibika" and "Hekasi" Texts.

[A monument erected to commemorate the Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor ]
  [Libingan ng Bayani, Taguig City]

A Lot of filipinos and filipinas risked their lives for all of us today. The unsung warriors of Lapu Lapu, The Brave Katipuneros of Bonifacio, and even the foot soldiers and privates during the American and Japanese occupation. When i think of independence, i think of death. i think of all the struggles our nation had to go through to get where it is today. i remember the sacrifices of many nationalistic people to fight for their ideals and their right as filipinos.

it saddens me that sometimes we forget those who died for us. we forget the reason why they fought and tried to repel those who want our lands. we forget why they paid the ultimate price. today, everyone is concerned with conflicts arising from greed, corruption and negligence of the duties that are given to them. today, everyone is focused more on personal growth and wealth rather than continuing the advocacy of those who died for a better Philippines.

[ Tombstones of the many American and Filipino Soldiers during the war ]
[Fil-Am Friendship Cemetery. Clark, Pampanga]

I do hope that this renewal of Filipino Pride today will end all internal conflicts, end all of the corruption that weakens our country, and start anew as a reformed nation - better and stronger. 

I am Proud to be a Filipino. and i say all these today, because i too, even in my own little way, dream of a better and more successful Philippines.

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

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