Thursday, June 9, 2011

In focus : Life on the streets

I remembered complaining to my mom when i was in high school regarding  my room conditions. i never liked the idea of sharing a room with my brother, so i kept bugging her to look for a place that can allow me to have a room of my own. (spoiled brat, i know). With the entire annoyance and bratty attitude, they finally gave in. we transfered to a house that is twice the size of our last one, and has an extra room entirely for me. the attitude and greed did not stop there, (if i were to go on, the story would take about 30-40 mins of your time - wouldn't that be fun? haha)

last june 4, me and some close friends went to Binondo to conduct a Handicapped Photoshoot. the objective there is that, we take photos but we are not allowed to take a peek at our shots. at first i was really excited to be part of this small exercise, as such would help improve my skills in taking quality photos. the excitement soon waned when i saw the subjects for the shoot. (honestly, i felt my heart pause - for a second or two)

i always knew of the poverty that many filipinos face. but this is the first time that i have actually been this close to those who have nothing. nothing to eat, nothing to sleep in and nothing to do but remain static for the entire day with the hopes that someone might give them alms or food in order for them to get by for the day.

these three images will forever be etched in my brain. that shoot not only taught me how to tinker with my camera settings and take photos. it also made me realize how extremely lucky i am. So i told myself, the next time you rant about your fettucini alfredo or your salmon en croute, take that time to think that this people can't even have a friggin sky flake to nibble on. then i remembered my "Room Story", wherein i complain about sharing a room with my brother, when these people share a public plaza.

just be thankful with what you have.  i sure am now!


  1. Sometimes, it takes other people or an experience to open our eyes to the blessings that we have. And it's good that we recognize how blessed we are. That way we become sensitive to other people who are in need and we start to nurture a compassionate heart.

    Miss N of

  2. nice. ganyan din ang realization ko nung first time ko magphotowalk sa binondo. :(

  3. @ Miss N - yeah. prior to this, i know of this, i only knew poverty as a concept. but after this exercise i truly know how extremely blessed we are, to even have the luxury of writing articles in the web as a past time or hobby. when they have trouble getting by for the day.

    @jaypee oo nga e. bigat ng heart ko nung photowalk (for two reasons : (1) dahil sa na experience at naramdaman ko dun, at (2) ang hirap mag shoot ng walang LCD haha)