Thursday, March 24, 2011

3.24.11 - Day 1

Borrowing the concept and idea from my friend (Lianne of PHP), i wanted to start an every day photo and caption type of entry.

some days ago, my boss and i were talking about a man, in his 40's, who loves saturdays. for that man, his "to-look-forward-to-day" is saturday, one day after the usual to look forward to day. this man, assuming that he would live upto a certain age, decided to count how many "saturdays" he has left. he bought marbles (jolens!) to represent a saturday, 1 marble : 1 saturday. and every saturday, this man would throw away one marble from his jar, consistently! maybe to remind him how many saturdays he has left.

that conversation actually changed my perspective of time. i realized that life is too short to be wasted on idling or bumming around. therefore, i too would like to do my own concept of the marbles, but instead of subtracting them from the jar, i would be filling the jar up with my own set of marbles!

so, Day 1 photo is

Achievers Circle Inc, Coaching and Consultancy. the place where my future starts, and the place that opened (as early as almost-three months on the job) many doors that led me to many experiences (and i hope will continue to!).

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