Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3.28.11 - Day 3

Swell Teambuilding

We, Achievers' Circle, were asked to help conduct a teambuilding for the Swell Bar and Cafe in Subic. i, along with Ed, Patchie and Kuya Rudyard went to subic. We assisted the teambuilding, and Ed gave a short talk aimed at the values that must be possessed by the staff. the location "Capones Vista, Zambales" was really nice.

(Left to Right: Ed, Francis[ME], and Patchie. Picture courtesy of kuya Rudyard)

we really enjoyed the time we spent with the Swell Staff, and we are happy that their teambuilding is a success. my only concern is that, our company, the three of us, never even had our own teambuilding!

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