Thursday, March 24, 2011

Perseverance is key! a SunLife experience

i just finished attending a party/gathering/seminar of sun life agents and managers at the Edsa Shangrila.  the event was a whole new experience for me, that being in the same room with some people i usually avoid, the salesman/women!

but during the event, i learned that they love to do what they do. hardships and rejections doesnt get them down nor does it discourage them from continuing what they do everyday. i learnt that most of them gone through some tough ordeals like being shouted at - in order to leave the room, or running away from a hellhound dispatched by the owner.

but at the end of the day, they dont give up - they strive harder, and become the best in their craft. its probably the effect of the tight bond that they have established as a team, or the support that they get from their leaders, or the incentives that await their triumphs. no matter what the reason, it will boil down to what they want to do and how happy they are doing it.

lesson :  find what you want to do, love it, and motivate yourself to excel in it!

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