Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How it all started.

Carlos (protagonist) was unemployed. he recently got out of a no-brainer but very stressful work which caused serious physical (as well as emotional and mental) damage. he wanted out, and he did. he cared for his health more than the pay (which was reasonable!). For months, he stayed at home, watched tv, listened to music, and played his favorite video games (in short, he was a bum!)

if i remember correctly (based on his narration), it was Christmas season then, and the boy began doubting his capabilities. having graduated from a reputable university, he found himself stuck. Carlos then began fearing for his future, he oftentimes asked himself what would happen to him, and weird enough, his mind remained blank. (weird, cause this guy never shuts up!)

his mother told him to go abroad, he didn't want to. he got options else where, but chose to stay. "more better to feel stuck than lonely" said he. 

his persistence and lack of interest to leave actually saved him. after new year, when he was decided to steer his life to the right path. he got an opportunity that he never even dreamed of. Fearing that he might screw things up, he started fixing his life. opportunity invited, he came, got interviewed, and was considered. long story-short story he got hired as an executive assistant. at first he was skeptical. "would i need to learn how to prepare coffee?"  he asked himself. but then, he learned that being one doesn't require knowledge of these things (but comes in handy every now and then), but on deeper thoughts and insights. he told me, that he is stable and happy with what he has now. he is part of a team that deals with a lot of planning and consulting

whats the lesson here? Opportunity comes (not once in a lifetime) but scarcely. when it comes knocking and no one is there to answer, it leaves. in the story, carlos had patience (or was lazy). either way, waiting for something good was his best decision. patience is a virtue, (or so they say) but in this case, it was good that he (carlos) was!


  1. i so relate to this maybe because at some point i've felt the same (nothing better than commenting on things you've experienced right?).

    well some do feel peace in the "familiar". changes could cause unnecessary stress but then crossing that bridge is far more rewarding than not knowing if u haven't tried.

    in short, happiness comes in simple circumstances. if getting a stable career puts a smile on your face, no one can ever dictate your fate. if living big on the other hand is your choice, then we all know that one must work hard to reach such a lifestyle.

  2. right. not knowing and the "what ifs" will forever haunt you. based on this, i realized that opportunities does not come in the "obvious" state.

    but when its there, and you felt that connection and chemistry. thats the time that we would know!