Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its all in the mind. my SUBWAY (not the train-related) STORY!

Advertisements have always played a vital role in our lives, specially when it comes to choosing what to get and/or where to get it. i despise advertisements in between tv shows or movies, i always change channel when advertisements kick in. or id rather have everything downloaded so that i wont have to be disturbed by 3 min humors and jingles that always(or most of the time) accompanies such ads.

however, i do applaud the creativity and other forms of advertising. Lately, i have been watching alot of "CHUCK", the story of a nerd/dork that somehow gets caught up in spying and secret services. this nerd, wherein most people can relate to(yeah, not only nerds and dorks), and not only him (the entire cast included) are somehow so fun to watch (hello agent sarah walker!). they spend most of their time doing missions for the cia or doing nothing at the buymore! neat huh?

recently, i have developed an insatiable hunger for subway, i have been twitting, facebook-ing alot regarding this particular sandwich. my friends were asking me, why the particular sub?

and then, i remembered that a lot of episodes in chuck featured subway sandwiches, in an indirect advertisement. an episode featuring morgan grimes (Chuck's bestfriend) eating a 12 inch mozzarella sub. or when Morgan and Casey (secret service ally of Chuck) along with Lester and Jeff (two very eccentric employees of buymore) met at subway for a conversation. or terminator sarah chronicles very own Summer Glau (Cameron) guest starred as a secret agent, indulging in her own 12 inch sub, with all the sexyness that she can muster. nuff said right?

and taaaaada......

by actually featuring something, it sends signals to the brain causing us to actually consider the product. a concept even talked about by ries and trout (authors of Positioning the Mind). i urged my officemate patchie, to actually accompany me to subway at podium to get a sandwich. and my hunger (thanks to chuck) has been satiated for the time being.

kudos to subway for being the series' official sandwich. excellent advertisement!


  1. Isn't it impressive how some images on TV can subconsciously send impulses to our brain to actually like or dislike something? I know the signals that they send varies though depending on the person who gets it. Anyway, I did study advertising in college and I know that the media and advertising work hand in hand. Sadly after realizing that most of the time the things that we see on TV or online are like scams that actually fool people because sometimes we never actually get good quality from the products that we consume, I started to hate advertisements. But hey, I can't argue with the fact that it's still effective even if in reality, advertisements are merely tools for either subliminal messaging or brainwashing.

  2. i agree with that. i hate watching shows on cable nowadays because of the many advertisements. a book i read talked about the brain taking in so much, imagine a sponge filled with water. and advertising works that way now, it just force everything to everyone. that is why i appreciated those seen within shows, ung hindi masyadong obvious na advertisement! hahah