Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3.29.11 - Day 4


a comic cartoon adaptation that i grew up with. right now, there is a new series in their universe wherein the team (xmen) never happened. charles is held captive, and the mutants are at war with humans. the mutants, or the Brotherhood of X, is cornered to one location alone. the series brings new insights on our favorite mutants, new romantic relationships, and new teams.

spent my lunch time buying the latest issues to complete my collection to 3 issues. 4th issue near its release!

AGE of X - Issues 2 and 3.


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  2. yan ang di ko na naabutan ang kahiligan pag babasa ng comics.. and how I wish mag karoon ako! :)) nice place po.. blog followed :))

  3. thanks. masaya, at pwede ka pang magsimula ngayon! haha