Saturday, March 26, 2011

Achievers Circle at STI Fort Bonifacio

STI Fort Bonifacio, invited our company to present a talk about Entrepreneurship and to identify the HOWS in starting a business. all of us went to STI to assist our boss, the main speaker. we went there eager and hyped for the one hour seminar, but talk about hospitality and service from them (sti), as soon as i dropped my boss in front of the school, i proceeded to their basement parking.

me: Boss (to the guard), Guests po kami ni ms. ong, mag tatalk po sa event ng students.
guard: wala po akong kilalang ms. ong, wala ng parking dito
me: one hour lang naman po ung seminar(i pleaded), (then i surveyed the surroundings and saw a lot of vacant spaces). si ms cindy ong po yung contact namin.
guard: wala , wala akong kilalang cindy, punta ka na lang sa market market at dun ka mag park!

for the information of those who are unfamiliar with the area, market market is as far as going to greenbelt from glorietta (passing thru landmark). it wasn't that far, but, we were in corporate attire and the sun was at its prime. Cindy Ong was our contact for the seminar, she was also the organizer of the event, this very calm woman that kept apologizing because of that incident.

my only problem here is that, we did not volunteer to be there, we were invited, we could have at least tasted  better service and coordination on their part. im not blaming ms ong or any admin for the matter, as we were informed when we arrived, that they did their part to inform the guards about it. my issue is with this one dude, who could have at least checked their records or could have walkie talkie'd a companion to ask.

the talk and the response/participation from the students made things better. everyone was enthusiastic about graduating and starting their careers. during the talk, everyone was at the edge of their seats, everyone was clapping from time to time, laughing, and even discussing amongst themselves when a question is thrown at them. that experience alone made up for the guard incident awhile back. made me remember my time when i was in college!

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