Monday, April 11, 2011

Pain . Arrogance .

during the past few week(s), i have been unable to update the blog, probably because of the hectic days that have gone by. i also have been ill for some time, fever, colds, and stupid stomach pains that, should i say, kept me running to and from the little boys room! (pain!) excruciating! but all is good now! 

two days ago, whilst on my bed, i heard this speech delivered by a man that was pushed to a corner! for the past few days, i have been closely keeping my eyes fixed on transcripts, developments, and news regarding the janjan issue, an alleged child abuse/exploitation act done by Willie Revilliame on his show Willing Willie (from TV5). the arrogance of the douchebag! threatening every person that actually said something against him, and throwing in some insults that are totally unrelated! what a douche! and to think that he succinctly laid out all the points and facts (according to him) of all the controversies that he has been involved in! 

thank you willie for treating us like dumb people. the defense alone wasnt enough to justify some acts, the bashing of fellow celebrities wont help erase the fact that you are wrong! 

lastly, if you really want to help out the unfortunate ones, the poor (as you always quote!). give them the means to help themselves, dont allow them to rely on you and your show for that cash. in a way, you are giving out cash and ways for them to eat (for a day, for a week) but what will happen after? they line up to your show again? if you truly are a stalwart of charity. give them something that they can do for a long period of time!

as far as quoting is concerned, let me end with one. one of Chinese origin.
"Give a Man a Fish, and you feed him for a DAY. Teach a Man to Fish, and you feed him for a LIFETIME!


  1. relax lng brad...baka u might end up wt a headache naman. me too-totally agree wt the above!

  2. oo nga e. haha thanks. nakaka tawa kasi e, e ngayon na nag tweet ako laban skanya, idedemanda din niya ako? haha sayang siya, masyado na siyang arrogante! hehehe

  3. what do you expect, it's willie revillame. haha

  4. haha, and by saying his name alone, we know what he is and can be associated to an adjective, for example but not limited to: arrogant. haha