Wednesday, April 27, 2011

after a days work.. i reward myself with Isaw!

after work, i found myself in the front doors of the gym i usually go to. spent an hour or two trying to lose some holiday accumulated weight. right after, i developed a serious craving for isaw (there goes my hour or two!)

i asked myself, at this time of the day, where would i find isaw? (i was at fort bonifacio by the way, so finding isaw there could be a challenge.) i sat in my car, thinking of possible locations of isaw vendors. and then it hit me! i texted my friend Nd, and told her to meet me at ruins in BF Homes. (well in the end, i picked her up from her place pa!). to be honest, i never liked isaw before. it grossed me out! but times have changed!

i, along with me friend ND (whos is said to be depressed) found ourselves in front of Genie's booth/Kiosk/Stall in BF Ruins. although it says Shawarma Station, its main seller are its ISAW.
a l bite of heaven for 10 peso a stick! (not bad). of course, isaw is generally bbq'd (i think) but genies offer a fried isaw that is better than the bbq.(from my point of view)

Barbecued Isaw (or grilled) in toyo+suka+onions+chili+calamansi


 Fried Isaw in toyo+suka+onions+siling labuyo+green chili+calamansi



till the next craving! thank you Genie's!


  1. Yum! One of my favorites! :)

  2. i was so grossed out with isaw before. but then last year, my dad made me try one.

    yesterday i was super craving for it :| hahahahaha yum nga!