Saturday, April 30, 2011

My HD expedition turned Journey to Asgard.

being the tech-savvy person that i am (haha), i recently discovered a way to save the HD of my old laptop. it is done by retrieving the internal hard disk and putting it in a device called "the HD enclosure". i've been told that it has been the practice for a long time now, and today i finally knew and decided to convert this stagnant piece of machinery into an external HD. (so thats what the "Enclosure" does .. sounds awfully like a weapon!)

anyways,  i forced myself to leave the confines of the room and go to SM to buy this enclosure. my expedition was futile as all computer/hardware shops in sm told me that they have no stock. time  and effort wasted!

rather than going home, and since i am dying to watch Marvel Comic's THOR.

I did. my cousin tagged along, and we both watched the film. it had the feeling of the comic book thor while keeping true to their descriptions and characteristics in norse mythology (im a myth fan! and wikipedia fan as well!). the movie gave viewers such as my cousin a feel of norse myth and built a curiosity for the comic series. the story was great and wasn't "pilit". for a long period of time, i have avoided watching movies in cinemas because they tend to be disappointing, but thor has changed that  current view. 2011 is marvel's year. i hope they deliver all their movies the same way they did Thor!

(i am now itching to create a norse myth post for the week... one god a day haha)


  1. I've heard the film gained positive reviews. To think superhero movies are oftentimes panned by critics, Marvel must have done a really great job. I'd definitely watch this one! :)

  2. a must watch meester dapper! a must watch! hahaha