Thursday, April 28, 2011

i spent the day in a hospital. listening to a lecture!

I attended the People Mangement Association of the Philippines GMM (PMAP-GMM) in St. Luke Fort. its theme and topics for discussion were Wellness and Corporate Image. (beneficial, i know!)

the presentation started with a presentation by kraft - showcasing their world class office. Imagine being part of their team and working in an office where there are gyms, spas, dentists, lots of greenery and zen gardens. wouldn't that be the life? the speaker guaranteed less boredom and a lot of activities for all employess - he ended the speech by saying "kudos to all hr and personnel that deals with people management for taking care of the company's most important asset."Thats you and me, my friend!

Lunch was served at around 2:00PM (supposedly the end of the conference). but the anticipation of the  participants was calmed by the very dynamic presentation delivered by Abbygale Areneas-de Leon,  a former Bb. Pilipinas winner, and 11th in Ms. Universe pageant. She taught the audience how to project the "Corporate Image". here are some tips that i still remember.

1. SMILE -  rather than saying cheese (like old times), try saying "A" or "8" (her words, not mine!) - she also gave us an assignment, she urged us to try saying A or 8 and sustain it for about 2 minutes everyday, after waking up and before going to bed. (try it, in private though! - again, her words, not mine.)

2. Posture - she said that there is a big difference on how people look at other people when posture is involved. proper posture commands respect. (so pag binastos kayo, posture niyo problema!)

3. Attire - dress appropriately - keep it simple, keep it clean.

4. Mannerisms - lose the playing with your hair, the unbuttoning and buttoning of your shirt, the twitching of your legs, the tapping of you foot/feet (in short, be a robot!)

she urged us to try and follow her tips for a better corporate image.
abbygale also said that by changing or improving corporate image, we get the edge in terms of promotions, projects that we may want or how we may be perceived in the workplace.

keeping those benefits in mind, following her tips might prove useful ( why dont we try it. nothing to lose anyways!)


  1. a nice seminar, nagkaron din sa office namin with the same topic, same speaker, i wasn't able to attend

  2. sayang, ang galing nga niya e. interactive. hehe explained properly, tas pinapagawa pa niya sa mga audience niya. haha at least ndi siya boring!