Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to Basic

Filipinos love the english language. Have you ever encountered some people talking in english inside elevators, or in jeeps, buses, or while strolling the mall. what are your reactions?

aside from that,  i've only seen a handful of blogs who use the filipino language as their medium (good for them!)

But one problem with our supposed love for the language is the refusal to relearn it over and over again. a month ago, i thought my english was flawless, i remembered receiving high marks for english during my college days, being praised here and there for communicating in fluent english, i even won a couple of declamation/oration and speech contests way back in highschool. Up until a month ago, i was certain that english is my primary language, seconded by filipino. 

Three Weeks ago, my boss pointed out that i still lack in a specific area when it comes to the language. at first, it was disbelief, then disappointment, then after hearing his explanation, there was acceptance. Possibly one of the few reasons why i am faithful to post in this blog is to improve my mastery of the language. but one thing that actually helped and is continuing to help is this book:

To be honest, i never even knew that this book existed.

Going through its contents and exercises (yes, i answer them! refer to 2nd photo.), i relearned some of the basic rules that was taught to me years ago when i was in grade 1 or 2. im currently on the 3rd book and honestly speaking, i am seeing results. 

this book costs about 215 pesos. if you think about it, it is such a cheap acquisition and a cheap investment. because by relearning and mastering the language, we will now have an edge compared to those who still lack in their language skills.

 Its a competitive world out there, we need all the help we can get!


  1. hehehe! like this post!
    true. in any area, continuous learning is necessary... when we stop (learning) we also stop growing.
    PS pls can u remove this word verif request here?

  2. thanks! i am happy about it too. continuous learning is important. and i agree with the growing part, because the world keeps growing and if we dont keep up, we will be left in one corner or area and not know whats going on anymore.

    *and i hope i removed the verif. tinkered with my comment settings. thanks for informing me. :)

  3. Nice! I want that book as well. :)
    Funny comment on my blog, btw. Lol :)

  4. haha. heres the thing, i searched about 6 national bookstores in manila just for book number 1. tedious hunt. i cant only mean that alot are buying the 1st book. :)

    the comment on the about you? hahaha :)

  5. Yes, that one. Kulit! Hahaha!

  6. Mahirap talaga ang English, lalo na ang grammar at spelling :)

    Parang muscle din ang skill doon. Ika nga, "If you don't use it, you lose it."

  7. thats right rah. kailangan gamitin ng gamitin, peor cguro hindi to the point na english tayo gne english kahit saan. tas pa conyo pa. hahaha

  8. Hmm.. need to have this book too. I need to buy one for me. relearn and refresh. Haayyy...