Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Career Success

If i ask you for the definition of a career, what answer would you give me?

then if i followed it up with a question asking you its difference from a job? or work? what would you say?

most of us treat the two or three words synonymous to each other, we view the concepts as same and plainly interchangeable. guess what my friends, They are not.

4 months ago, i would have said that career and job is the same. back then, i would have answered the question in this manner: career is the field your working in, and work is the process. but by reading materials and learning first hand from my boss, i learned the difference.

the book Career Success: the 48 Cs is one of the essential materials that helped me understand what it will take for me to be successful in my career and in life. and since it is still not in the market, i have asked permission from the author to share to you, my friends, a sample of the book. but of course, reading it entirely would prove helpful for those who are lost in their tracks, as well as for those who plan to be part of the corporate industry, and to those who are still in school, but are looking forward to their working life!

to download the file, visit http://career48.com and download the file (3.10Mb in size). and discover how these Cs can help you in your selected fields!


  1. inspiring book! thanks mr thick framed glasses

  2. thanks guys! it enlightened me too, the full book is coming out soon, will inform you na lang! :)

  3. :) yan ang isang armor ko xander :). uy , ung contacts mo a! :)