Saturday, April 30, 2011

March - April Photo dump and thoughts

since i was negligent to post (while i was supposed to) during the early parts of april (and latter days of march). i decided to just post some photos that made my late march and early april memorable. thus, this is the life as seen through the thick framed glasses.

3/28/11 - Achievers' Circle Incorporated Visited Capones Villas in Zambales to be part of the Teambuilding of Swell Bar and Cafe. we were excited and happy to be part of this event. and still is very much happy to be part of swell! (Thanks to Rudyard "Steve" Balmedilla for the photo.) 

3/31/11 - Happy 40+ Birthday R.Yang Celebration. Catalytyx, our sister company celebrated the birthday of R.Yang (their boss, and one of our company's director). kiddie party (had i known sooner, i would have dressed up as robin!) 



4/17/11 - Palm Sunday (Glimpse) and Grad of my Brother at UP - since the graduates were required to be in filipiniana. the family decided to go there by following the theme as well.  we were extremely overdressed, other families came to the occasion weraing tees, poloshirts, and maong. 

while going through my collection of photos here in my HD. i realized that everything was about family . good times!

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