Monday, April 25, 2011

Since Potter Season is near.

HP7 part two is upon us. and the activities has now been announced.

lets do a recap on the activities PHP (Pinoy Harry Potter) did for the 1st part of movie 7!

Francis and the Gryffindors (Market Market, Advanced Screening)

Pose for the Paper (IMAX, Sm Mall of Asia - Exclusive Advanced Screening)
(left - right . - RJ (Gryff), Francis(Me- SLYTH!), Robin (Slyth), Edsel (Huff) and Echo (Gryff)

Posing for the TV show that slipped my mind! hahahaha (SM MALL of Asia - IMAX Exclusive Advance screening)

Slytherins at Newport Cinema ( PHP Exclusive Early Morning Screening)

Me and Jovan inside Newports excellent cinema

the Slytherin Poster (Newport Cinema)

Powerbooks Promotional Event (the Tale of the three brothers)

PHP Class Picture (2010 - Powerbooks Greenbelt)

want to be part of PHP : Visit
game on! june! 1st event!


  1. Wow! Cute! :) I want a Ravenclaw uniform too! :)

  2. ravenclaw eh? haha, join the group, there are guidelines on how to get a uniform! :)

  3. Yup, Ravenclaw! Haha! Really? Where can I find these guidelines?


    register, then look for monsieur malkins thread!.

  5. love you guys!
    looking forward to another HP experience with PHP real sssssooon!!!