Monday, April 25, 2011

Death and Life ( a post easter blog )

Before the Holy Week. my boss gave patchie (my officemate) and myself a short lecture/session/education on the difference of religion and faith. frankly speaking, i learned a lot during that 20-30 min lecture compared to every catechism that i've been to. and just like any lecture, an assignment came after. and it is "to get attuned with your faith".

the whole week was about sinakulo, prusesyons and penitensya.

he stopped in front of our place to be watered.

we were awaken by the sounds of kwitis (did i spell that right?) exploding in the sky, announcing to the entire place that the march of christ has started. the jesus actor, who carried a wooden cross while being tortured by belts, slippers and other hitting items endured his way through people watching, some actually jeering, and others taking photos of his sacrifice ( including myself).

i asked some people why they do it, was it for entertainment? for the forgiveness of sins?
and they said, because its tradition.

and they continue their march. i didn't have the courage to actually watch the crucifixion.

maybe because i thought it was the real thing, or maybe felt that it was the real thing. maybe by watching what may have transpired years ago, we get to be aware of what was done for all of us years ago.


Iglesia filipina hosted its annual prusesyon(again, not sure with the spelling). my mom, urged us to come with them and celebrate the resurrection. me, my brother, my cousin, dad and the son of my cousin went. compared to the trudging we did last year, this year's prusesyon was rather fun. the people were actually having fun compared to last year's very sad 3 hour walkathon.

in front of the church

the priest and the marching band

the people who danced their way through the prusesyon

and our party, my cousin (in blue), my brother (the head in betwen my cousin and me), myself, and dad.

all in all, this felt different. probably because of what i've heard and learned from ed, what i read from john, and from what i saw with people and their faith.

in the end, faith is what people believe in, whether it be the rigid type of worship or the plain and simple one. whether we express it in different ways, what matters in the end is that we have it.

belated happy easter to everyone. lets have a fruitful new birth of christ year.


  1. Wow. You're able to watch the Senakulo. I wasn't able to watch the one here in Marikina. Love your blog! :)

  2. oh so its senakulo, haha not sinakulo. anyways, yeah i was able to. although, i found the repetitive music to be quite boring. but fun nontheless! hehe thanks!