Monday, April 11, 2011

How to kill a Hero : The Last Stand of Johnny Storm

Johnny storm, also known as the Human Torch.

iconic, funny, arrogant, and quite the character.

is now dead! (well about three weeks ago)

Fantastic Four #587

so how do you kill an icon? a hero?

you split the four .
you put johnny and Ben together. (formidable!)
But Ben is human during this time (not a rock anymore! uses a gun, quite useless!)
make johnny and ben take on a responsibility, like, lets say, taking care of the baxter building (home of the FF). as well as the kids. while millions of insect aliens try to invade and destroy it.
get overwhelmed
argue who gets to save the day
and say your last words.

for the human torch, it should be his iconic battle cry! FLAME ON! (even if the fire is about to be extinguished!)

Rest in Peace, Johnny! too bad you aren't part of the norse god walkout, and red skull's new power!

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