Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Positioning - the winning Survival Kit!

I've recently finished a book entitled "Positioning, The Battle for your Mind" by Al Ries and Jack Trout.
i have been trying to finish the book for N number of weeks already, and finally i did! (no excuses, i know!)

the book taught me how companies battle it out. how they compete with one another, and the different strategies that they implement to be the best/Number 1. the book also states that it is more effective to play with the information that is already in the prospects head, and not bash them with new information.

so rather than asking the question "Ang Pogi ko diba?" , try to see if she thinks you are and then devise strategies from there.

dont try to force the concept into her, if at the very first instance she already thought that you are not!

But don't fret, the book also teaches ways on how to go over/under/around the concept to change the perception (for more information, BUY THE BOOK! tradepaper back available at fullybooked!)

going back to the point, the authors suggested that in order to win the consumer war, you have to position your product in such a way that it can relate to the customer/buyer. be first in the field and keep it that way. have a unique position, but keep the appeal broad. retain the position, but ensure different strategies to keep the position intact.

positioning is everything! (not to be blasphemous or anything, but i i think this book should be the bible of many aspiring entrepreneurs/business starters)


  1. still thinking about this: ..."more effective to play with the information that is already in the prospects head, and not bash them with new information." (ponder...ponder...)

  2. yes, because the human mind can be compared to a sponge, fill it with enough water, if by chance you try to pour in more, the sponge rejects it and spills.

    the mind will, sooner or later, reject the ideas. for example, our parents who grew up with their generation's music. for them, the idea of music is defined by what the beatles are, or beegees, or queen (and the list goes on and on) - to them, that is music. try to introduce them to lets say, linkin park, bruno mars, simple plan etc. (they critique it, and say that their music is still the best!) haha

    all because music has been positioned in that sense to them. and not with the new types of music. hahaha and with that we cant force them to like the new types, because their minds are already fixed with their concept of music.