Thursday, April 14, 2011

Moments when you feel the world is set out to make you feel miserable.

now thats quite a mouthful title. but seriously, were there instances when everything you do is never enough for other people. you get criticized either by doing something, or by the lack of the action.

or when everything is already going the opposite of where you expect them to go, and suddenly another situation makes you feel more miserable and down.

there are for me! and it sucks.

why is it when you think things couldn't get any worse, they still do. i have the urge to sulk, i am neither calm nor collected. i am unfocused once again. and i think i already said this, but, this sucks!

comics, cheer me up!



  1. hope this wil help u feel better little bit bro, hmm like u, wana share wat i read fr a book, ika ng writer "Life is difficult...wat makes it dfclt is dat d process of confronting & solving prblms is a painful one...yet it is in dis whole process...that life has its meaning...problems (or difcult situations) r d cutting edge dat dstnguishes bet success n failure...we can discipline ourselves 2 exprience d pain of prblms in such a way as 2 work dem through & solve dem successfully, learning & growing n d process..." God bless!

  2. kaya nga e, i should try and treat each situation like an education. thanks for the cheering up!